Gym Pet Peeves

gym ettiquetteGoing to the gym is a great way to keep your body fit and trimmed, but just like in any venue, everybody should follow a set of unwritten rules and etiquette not only as an expression of courtesy to other gym members, but also a way of keeping the gym equipment organized.

So remember before lifting that weight or starting that treadmill, be mindful of your actions and realize how they impact those around us.  Here are some of the common pet peeves that occur in the gym, all of which should never be done by anyone.

Refusing to wipe down the equipment after use

Always bring a towel with you so that you could wipe off the sweat from the gym equipment after you have used them.  Even you would react in disgust if you see the bench drenched with sweat. 

Grunting while lifting heavy weights

It was a common sound you hear back in the day when beefcakes grunt as they exert their muscles into lifting heavy weights.  Studies now show that grunting does not do anything at all, that you can lift just as heavy simply by breathing into the nostrils and out through the mouth.  Nowadays, gym members find grunters inconsiderate and insensitive towards the people surrounding them.

Leaving dirty towels on the equipment

Some gym rats have this warped point-of-view that gym equipment is like a "finder’s keepers" thing, leaving their sweaty towels on the treadmill or the bench because they do not want other people to use them while they are away.  Such practice should never be tolerated, especially when the gym is packed with people.  Letting other members work out not only creates a win-win situation, but also saves their time, and they do not find you a jerk for "possessing" those equipment.

Refusing to put free weights back in the rack

Searching the whole length of the gym floor looking for a pair of 20 pound dumbbells just because some idiot did not return them on the rack can be pretty taxing.  Remember that as much as you would like to enjoy your gym experience, make an effort to make other people’s time at the gym enjoyable as well.

Throwing trash in cup holders

Leaving gum or dirty tissue paper in the cup holder of the elliptical machine, treadmill, or any other gym equipment does not only make the gym unsightly, but also make you look uncultured.  Mind the wastes you are making and throw them in proper bins.

Allowing children into the gym floor without adult supervision

It is much advisable not to bring your children to the gym, especially if the venue does not have facilities for young kids.  Leaving them roam the on their own while you are doing your cardio may lead to dangerous conclusions.

Playing your music player too loudly

People nowadays workout while listening with their iPods or MP3 players, but some seem to have a preference to shut out in their own little world by blasting their earphones that other gym members, even those who have their media players on, hear the banging music.  You need to realize why earphones were invented in the first place:  so you could listen to music at your privacy without disturbing the peace of other people.

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