Building the Perfect Home Gym

home gymSetting up a home gym can be very convenient for fitness enthusiasts. Having one at home can help keep you get the fitness training and exercise that you need. You no longer have to depend on going somewhere just to stay fit.

There are certain equipment that a home gym should have in order for it to provide a overall fitness regimen. It does not necessarily mean that you have to get all those fancy equipment that you see in posh gym clubs. Here are several of the basics that you need.

Sufficient Floor Space

A good home gym is one that has enough floor space. Even just having sufficient floor space can be enough to give you a thorough work out. All you will need is knowledge about basic training techniques such as calisthenics. But that’s not all. Sufficient floor space allows you to have space to place the other gym equipment that you may have without getting to crowded.


Dumbbells can give you a thorough strength workout. What is good about them is that they are versatile and small enough to use in even a small space. For quite an inexpensive equipment, dumbbells are a must have in your home gym.

Chin Up Bar

While the floor space will allow you to do pushups as part of your work out, chin up bars will allow you to do pull up exercises. Both of them are quite effective in trying to build your upper body strength. Chin up bars would be the ideal home gym equipment for doing pull ups. It is one of the fitness equipment that you should have, even for your minimalist home gym.

Jump Rope

Another basic equipment to have in your home gym is the jump rope. It may look pretty easy to have and they just can’t be absent in any basic home gym. Jump ropes can help provide your training regimen with a cardiovascular fitness component. If you don’t have enough space for a treadmill or can’t afford to buy one, a simple and inexpensive jump rope can be a fairly good alternative.

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