Workout DVD Review

Burn belly fat and shed those unwanted pounds at the comfort of your own home with the help of workout DVDs. This article reviews new kickboxing, Pilates, and samba DVDs that will help you with your workout without going to the gym.

Fat-Burning Kickboxing Workout for Dummies

This DVD is perfect for coordination-challenged people who consistently make fools of themselves at the gym. Like Pilates or yoga, kickboxing is based on basic moves you must have before making a serious workout.

Like most of Workout for Dummies video series, this DVD is also a good refresher course for those fitness conscious people who have tried kickboxing in the past. Especially helpful in this workout DVD is the 15-minute tutorial before the workout proper. Despite being produced for beginners, this tutorial still kicks some butt.

Tracey Mallett Superbody Boot Camp: Burn It

Boot camp classes are usually carried out on obstacle courses complete with fatigue uniform with drill instructors screaming sergeant-style. However, it is not easy to simulate a workout boot camp style on DVD.

Mallett attempts with short intervals of strength and cardio training drills. The DVD also features a number of intense, fat-burning, muscle-building drills. You will definitely get a good workout after 50 minutes.

Pick Your Levels: Weight Loss Pilates

This workout DVD claims to be perfect for beginner, intermediate, as well as advanced Pilates practitioners. It has three instructors, each doing a pose at different degrees of difficulty.

This idea seems great at first. However, huge fans of Pilates might get disappointed because it is not a good idea after all. Each pose is explained three times, and it is far too easy even at the intermediate and advanced levels.

The Pilates workout features three 10-minute routines, which is over before you even begin feeling the burn. For the beginners, Pick Your Levels: Weight Loss Pilates may be a good starting point. But in no way should this workout be described as "weight loss Pilates."

Samba Party Workout 2: Brazilian ‘Carnaval’ Grooves

The hit TV show Dancing with the Stars has become so popular that many people are incorporating dance into their workout programs. If you enjoyed Samba Party Workout 1, you will definitely like this second installment as well.

This DVD is as good as signing up for a ballroom dancing class. The only problem is the costumes that the instructors are wearing, which are kinda irritating to the eyes.



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