Which Sport Could Work Best for You

choosing right sportJose aspires to shatter Michael Phelps’ Olympic record. He also wants to be the next Roger Federer. And he deeply idolizes Lance Armstrong. On particularly nice days, he hits the pool with his father, slam some balls in the school’s tennis court, and bikes with his friends.

In just a few months, Jose will be entering high school and he is having a serious dilemma on which sport to try out for. He loves to glide on the water. He loves the adrenalin rush in the court. He loves to feel the rushing wind on his face. Jose is facing a problem many teens face – which sports to pursue and which ones to give up.

Play many sports, but focus

Many people want to play as many sports as they can, but can’t. It is frustrating sometimes that we only have one body. But some people are good at so many sports. This is not a problem. After all, it gives them a stronger body and tougher mind. However, if you want to capitalize on your athletic skills, you have to focus on the sport you are best at.

You can be good at swimming, tennis, and cycling, but focusing on one sport will take you far. Michael Jordan was interested in baseball, but he was a basketball god. Pablo Neruda was a good essayist, but he was a genius poet. Leonardo da Vinci is another story.

Choose the one that you enjoy

Sports are all about enjoying what you do. You will not achieve great things if you do something that do not interest you. If you really enjoy swimming, for example, but you are not sure if your standard meets the team’s requirement, try out anyway. You have got nothing to lose. If you do not make it to the team, try another sport.

Individual or team sports?

If you enjoy playing as team, consider choosing field hockey, basketball, baseball, or volleyball as your major sport. But it is perfectly fine if you think you are a solo player or if you are pissed off when someone in the team gets extremely competitive. You can always go for individual sports like swimming, tennis, cross-country, track and field, wrestling, or gymnastics.

If you are not into organized sports…

If you suck at organized sports, or if you do not want to follow strict schedule and rules, there are many other exciting and fun options for you: rock climbing, biking, water skiing, wakeboarding, yoga, Pilates, and many more.

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