When One Month of Working Out Is Not Enough

You have begun your new year with a resolution to lose weight, but most of the time you go back to your old habits by the time February comes. You probably would just shrug it off and claim that losing weight is not for you because nothing was happening during the first four weeks of exercising and or dieting. However, there are reasons why you cannot reach your weight loss goals.

Unrealistic expectations

You have been slaving yourself in the gym and eating the right kind of foods for over a month, but you always wonder why the scale would always not show your “true” weight loss. The problem could be because you have set unrealistic expectations about your weight loss.

How could you, for instance, be able to lose 10 pounds in a week, unless you would perform some kinds of “miracle”? Even a month is not enough time to start seeing results.

A recent study conducted at the University of Wisconsin observed a group of sedentary people on a six-week exercise program and see if other people would notice any change in their bodies after that period.

Each volunteer was photographed wearing a bathing suit and then was randomly assigned into one of three groups: strength training, cardio exercise, and no physical activity at all. The volunteers were then photographed again after those six weeks.

The volunteers consisted of men whose ages are between 18 and 40 and their identities were concealed from the photos. These images were then rated by an independent group of judges, as well as the volunteers themselves, on a scale of 1 to 10. Results show that there was little difference in body fat and measurement during that time period.

Go for long-term goals

Short-term exercise goals are not enough to show dramatic results after dieting and exercising. Although you may not notice the changes in your body right away, the benefits of regular physical activity and a healthy diet outweigh the negatives.

For example, a healthy lifestyle makes you sleep well more, you experience less stress and more energy for your everyday living. Losing weight slowly shows even better results, as there is a higher percentage of fat loss instead of muscle loss.


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