The Basic Principles of Exercise

exercise prinicples Effective exercise programs follow certain principles in order to help people keep fit and healthy. These variables or factors may be known in other terms for different programs. They can also be achieved through different means and processes, but the basic principles behind exercise and fitness regimen still remains the same. How effective these programs are will depend on how these exercise variables are being used. Getting to knowing them and using them effectively in developing a fitness regimen can help you arrive at the desired results needed.

Exercise Variables and Factors

Effective exercise routines and programs depend on a number of factors. How one is able to work over these certain factors or variables in exercise and fitness will help determine the desired results. It can help determine how fast one can lose weight, improve ones endurance and stamina or enhance one’s athletic performance. Here are the four essential exercise variables that would be needed when trying to develop an ideal and perfect fitness program or regimen for you.

Frequency of Exercise

Frequency of exercise refers to how often you exercise. The frequency will allow you to develop a certain level of exercise regimen that can be followed for a certain period of time. The frequency of exercise can be set on a weekly basis.

A plan can include an exercise frequency for two days in a week. For better results, the frequency may be increased to another day for the week, but would usually depend on the other variables also. The recommended frequency of exercise should be from two to five times a week that should be spaced not more than 48 hours of each other. Even on rest days, a lighter form of physical activity is also advised.

Intensity of Exercise

Exercise intensity refers to the level of physical activity that you can achieve in your exercise program. The intensity should be one that you can achieve on a consistent basis. Exercise intensity is a variable that will depend on a person’s own capacity to consistently do exercises on a regular basis.

There are other people who continually try to push themselves to do too much by doing exercises at an intensity not ideal for them. Doing so can lead to too much fatigue that will eventually force one to burn suffer from burn out sooner and would likely discontinue the fitness program. This can then lead to negative impressions of doing exercises as part of one’s lifestyle. Not only that, over intensity in exercise can also put one into a greater risk of injury

Type of Exercise

There are different types of exercises to choose from which tries to develop different parts of the body. There are exercises that help improve cardiovascular function. There are exercises that help build up muscles and there are those that help improve flexibility and stamina. Knowledge of the different types of exercises can help you develop an exercise regimen that is well suited to the type of result you wish to achieve.

Duration of Exercise

The duration of the exercise refers to the time period of doing the exercises. The duration can help determine how fast or how slow you will be able to achieve fitness results. Determining the duration of the exercise program along with the other exercise variables may help develop exercises to gain better results and prevent or reduce the likelihood of injury.

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