Signs You’re Not In Shape

Many people wish that they can stay in shape all the time. But unfortunately not all succeed at it. Others are more motivated than others to keep fit so they are able to maintain their healthy weight.  Sadly for others, they may not even know whether they are out of shape. Here are some signs that will indicate whether you are no longer in shape.

Large Waist Circumference

A common telltale sign that you are out of shape is the size of your waist. That is where the body stores a majority of the excess fats that you carry around. The larger your midsection, the more out of shape you are. You can measure it by placing a tape measure going around somewhere between your hipbones and the bottom of your ribs. If you have a waist circumference of larger than 40 inches for men and 35 inches for women, then you are unfit.

Getting Out Of Breath When Climbing Stairs

Climbing stairs can take some physical effort. You can determine your fitness level by simply taking note of how you feel when you climb up. If you noticed of feeling increasingly gassed out after climbing a flight of stairs than before, then it is a glaring sign that you are getting out of shape.

Unable To Do Proper Push-Ups

Another way to determine if you are fit is if you have the strength to carry your own weight. One way to do this is by trying to do proper push-ups. This exercise will enable you to make use of your back, shoulder, and arm muscles as well as your core. You need to be able to lower your body with your arms tucked on your sides and the push yourself back up again. It can be a tough exercise. But it is useful to know if you are out of shape. Doing at least 5 to 10 push-ups will tell you that you are fairly in shape.


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