How to Perform a Basic Kickboxing Stance

kickboxingTeenage years are all about kicking butt. This is the period when youngsters assert their identities, make important decisions, begin to be independent, and explore life. Fitness is a major concern as people are most conscious about their body image in this life stage.

Fortunately, many teens engage in healthy activities to keep fit. One workout that has been kicking butt in recent years is kickboxing. This full body exercise is popular among teens as it increases their strength, flexibility, and stamina with the coolest moves in martial arts. If kickboxing interests you, read on to know the basic guidelines before taking the challenge.


If you are a couch potato, it is not a good idea to just dive in to kickboxing. This workout is high-impact and high-intensity, so you must prepare yourself first. Take a less physical exercise like low-impact aerobics and then work up to a higher endurance level. Showing off is a no-no. When you begin kickboxing, work at your own pace and do not put too much strain on yourself, or else you will be exhausted.

Observe before plunging in

Observe a kickboxing class beforehand to find out whether this workout suits you. Talk to the instructor if he or she can adjust the routine a little to go with your skill level. As a beginner, you must avoid complicated kickboxing classes that move too fast or do not give you the chance for specialized instruction during or after the session.

Go for comfort

In kickboxing, as in any martial arts, comfort is key. Do not wear clothing that restricts movement. Wear loose outfit that allows your legs and arms to move effortlessly in all directions. Do not wear tennis or basketball shoes. The best shoes for a kickboxing class are cross-trainers because they are perfect for side-to-side movements.

Slowly but surely

Kickboxing requires controlled movement. Do not kick too high or lock your legs and arms during movements. Trying too hard can cause pulled tendons and muscles and sprained ankle joints or knee. Begin with low kicks. Be patient. It takes time to learn the proper kickboxing technique. All too often, beginners develop injuries as they attempt to execute quick and complicated kickboxing moves in the first sessions.

Drink lots of water

It is important that you drink plenty of water before, during, and after the kickboxing class. Drinking water will quench your thirst, freshen you up, and keep you hydrated.

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