How to Get a Swimmer's Body

swimmerSwimming is fast becoming a favorite sports across America, thanks to the already-legend Michael Phelps. Not only people want to learn and improve their swimming techniques, they also want to achieve a swimmer’s physique. Fitness experts can attest to this trend.

Many potential clients ask these experts if they can help them get a swimmer’s body during assessment of their fitness goals. The question seems easy since the most direct and logical response would be to get into the pool and swim more often. But it is not that simple. Just look at those guys who swim regularly but do not possess a swimmer’s body.

What is a swimmer’s body?

What do we mean when we say "achieving a swimmer’s physique"? Is it the physique of your local beach lifeguard (remember Baywatch?) or of Olympic-level swimmers, like Phelps, Ryan Lochte, Aaron Peirsol, or Natalie Coughlin? In most cases, people will mean the latter.

The swimmer’s physique is usually lithe and lean. Their muscles look softer than that of bodybuilders. Their muscles only appear soft because swimmers have not shed off all the extra body fat since too little fat means losing a lot of buoyancy, thus more resistance.

Is swimming enough?

Do world-class competitive swimmers get their amazing body just by swimming? Of course, not! How Phelps and others cross-train achieve a great physique; weight training is incorporated into their workout program. Sure, swimming is a great exercise to get you into good shape, but not into a competitive swimmer’s body shape.

In fact, trying to achieve a muscularly toned body by merely swimming may cause you trouble since swimming only develops those muscles you use to pull – all swimming actions are not pushing actions. This can result in muscle imbalances.

Thus, competitive swimmers incorporate weight resistance training not only to develop their pull muscles, but to enhance the push muscles as well. This is to balance their strength and muscular development. So you see, they have toned and muscular bodies because of the combination of swimming training and weight training.


The level of endurance involved in swimming actions is a major reason the nutrition of swimmers is very vital to their speed and strength in the water. Olympic swimmers are almost perfect physical specimens. However, as stated earlier, this is not only due to the time they spend swimming. Competitive swimmers also have a nutritious diet including organic fruits, vegetables, and nuts, as well as organic meat (such as fish, chicken, and steak) for protein.

You may also consider taking high quality supplements. But you need to be careful when taking supplements. For example, you should take vitamin supplements with a meal to make sure that vitamins and minerals are properly absorbed. Moreover, do not buy supplements in grocery stores as 98% of supplements in these stores are not helpful for your swimming nutrition. This is because they pass right through you and are never broken down.

Now that you know what to do to achieve a swimmer’s body, go hit the nearest gym, splash into the swimming pool thereafter, and eat nutritious foods.

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