How to Exercise Like a Fitness Pro

We always see them on TV helping your shape and tone your body as well as build muscle. Personal trainers are models of physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle that everyone want to follow, including celebrities and gym patrons. However, not everyone can afford to have their personal fitness trainer, but that does not necessarily mean that you cannot exercise like a fitness expert.

Come to think of it, do these personal trainers exercise differently than you do? According to a report from the American Council on Exercise, personal trainers do the same workouts, but they take a step ahead.

Wear a heart-rate monitor

Work out while using a heart rate monitor. It is a must-have tool for people who want to do more on their exercise. As you lift that weight or hold that yoga pose, your heart rate-ideally-should go faster enough to burn calories. However, having a really fast heart rate also signifies that you should slow down on your exercise to avoid the risk of cardiac arrest or extreme fatigue.

Understand the “two-day rule”

You must never go more than two days between workouts. Too many days off can make it harder to get back into shape. Also, taking more than two days to recover from your muscle aches and pains can actually decrease your fitness level.

Schedule the time when you should work out

When you find yourself not have the time to exercise, find a specific 30- to 60-minute time frame when you can focus yourself into working out. Always exercise whenever that time arrives and it will eventually become a healthy habit.

Enter competitions

Register for a marathon (or a half marathon if you still need more endurance); participate in a body building competition, a spin-off (a race using stationary bikes), or any other motivating races. Once you have paid your entry fee, you feel that obligation to train yourself for the event.

Do circuit training

Put as little rest as possible in between exercises to increase the intensity of the workout. Never spend time just sitting around or waiting at the gym. Go from one exercise to the next to keep your heart rate up and your workout goes by faster.

Do cross training

There is one major obstacle that people struggling to get fit seem to have difficulty surpassing: the plateau, when you body has become adapted to your exercises that it no longer improves itself. This is where cross-training works best. Do some core strength training for a week, then lift weights on the next, take dance classes after that, ski on another.

Keeping your muscles guessing can improve your overall fitness level better than just staying at a single form of exercise. At the same time, incorporate a different form of cardio at least twice a week like walking, running, or doing an aerobic workout while at home.

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