How to Build Lean Body Mass

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Aside from changing your eating plan, you should also modify your workout a little. Exercising is not just about losing weight and gaining muscles. You should make sure that the workout that you are doing fits perfectly to your lifestyle and body type so that progress can be seen quickly. Here are some helpful guides to put on a lean and cut physique.

Start your day with intense cardio

As soon as you wake up in the morning, you should perform about 30 minutes of cardio five times a week-on an empty stomach.

However, if you have a small build and wanted to become leaner, you may want to have a small meal that includes protein beforehand to avoid burning away muscle tissue.

The reason why you should do morning cardio before breakfast is because you need to decrease the glycogen stored in your muscle and liver cells because once you eat, glycogen would merely add up to these cells and the excess of which would end up as fat.

Customize your cardio workout according to your body type

If you tend to put on fat easily, opt for a high-intensity cardio like elliptical trainer or running. If you have trouble keeping your muscle mass, stick to low- to medium-impact cardio exercise like speed walking on the treadmill.

Go for total body resistance workout

Do this at least three times a week. Keep your reps between 15 and 25 per set, which would ensure that you don’t build huge muscles but actually burning them out.

Keep your rest periods short

This is to make your resistance training a cardio-intensive routine as well, thus doubling the benefits and impact. With a low-rep, low-rest workout, you are actually creating supersets.

Focus your workout on the abs

The main feature of having a lean physique is bearing that six-pack abs. Perform ab exercises that focus on your lower abs and oblique every other day, as these are the most difficult to burn.

Meanwhile, conduct exercises for your upper body, arms, and legs, alternately every three days.


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