Hip Hop Abs

hip hop abs

Although there are many exercise workouts in the market, people tend to feel bored easily after trying the routines a several times and the effort is not producing the results desired. This is what Hip Hop Abs tries to disprove.

The gist

Created by choreographer Shaun T, Hip Hop Abs is commits you to get into the mood to workout by incorporating exercise and dancing to upbeat hip-hop tunes.

The whole routine lets you stand up and do moves that center in tightening your abdominal muscles. Because it is partly dance, the workout promotes cardiovascular health all while having a lot of fun doing it.

The program comes in four DVDs, each containing different workout videos that are less than 45 minutes. The videos will have you moving and grooving your way to perfect abs in the fastest possible time.

Doing the workout is fun and engaging. You are less likely to get bored or burnt out. You will achieve all the benefits of traditional core training without the tiresome crunches, sit-ups, and treadmills.

The program also comes with a nutritional guide to help you focus on healthful eating, a workout calendar to help you develop a schedule, and online support.

Hip Hop Abs is available on its official website for roughly $75, including the DVD set, shipping cost, and a variety of free gifts.

Advantages and disadvantages

The exercises on Hip Hop Abs centers on the abdominals, the part of the body that is hardest to slim down. The workout does not only help you trim down the unwanted inches off your waist, you probably might learn some dance moves you can do when going out in clubbing.

The plan also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, as well as an eating plan that promotes a healthy diet even when dining out on fast food. However, the music of Hip Hop Abs may not suit everyone’s taste.

Overall, Hip Hop Abs is a great workout that lets you go loose in the privacy of your own home, without the embarrassment of doing dance moves you might find awkward at first. The price is reasonable, especially when compared to gym membership and home exercise machine prices.


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