Common Fitness Myths

fitnessThere are common fitness myths that quite a lot of people may still believe. For the longest time, such fitness myths have been believed to be true that some people already accept them as fact. Here are some of those common myths regarding fitness training and other related facts.

No Pain, No Gain

A lot of people believe that not feeling any soreness in the muscles after exercise the next day means that the exercise regimen may not be hard enough. It has been a grave mistake for people to consider pain as a measure for how well they exercise. B

ut muscle soreness is actually caused by the tiny tears that occur in the muscle fibers after exertion. It may be normal to feel some soreness a day after exercising. But if the pain and soreness persists longer than that, then you might be overdoing your workout.

Muscle build up usually happens while the body is recovering from the physical exertion brought about by the workout. If the muscle soreness persists and you don’t give your body a chance to recover, then you may not be building up the muscles. Y

ou might just be risking injury instead. In case you feel increased and persisting muscle soreness for several days, try to give your body some rest or lower the intensity of your workout.

More Protein = More Muscles

Many people also believe that eating more protein can help them build more muscle. That is why people trying to bulk up tend to consume more protein believing that it will help them build up muscles. This may not be true all of the time.

When the body builds muscle mass, it is a result of challenging muscle groups to exert effort more than their usual or normal levels of resistance and trying to eat more calories than you burn. Building up muscles concerns the calories and not just the protein in the diet.

Since muscles function with the calories, people would need to have carbohydrates and fat included in their diet and not just mainly protein. An all-protein diet can only cause a diet imbalance that can cause further trouble to the body such as kidney problems and dehydration.

Muscles Turn Into Fat

Muscles are body tissues that have their own function in the body. In the same case, fats are made up of different tissues from what muscles are made out of. There is no way that unused muscles turn into fat and vice versa. Fats only develop when lack of physical activity and increased food consumption results in excess calories that are stored in the body.

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