Common Excuses for Not Exercising

exercise excusesExercise can take some motivation and effort in order to become a habit. And building a habit out of exercising can be pretty difficult especially if you see it as just some other task that needs to be done. Looking at a fitness program this way can easily make one give up trying just before one has really started. And in the course of the situation, excuses can be made not to exercise anymore.

Hate Exercise

One of the most common excuses people make by not exercising is that they simply hate doing it. But exercise is simply not just those things that you hate to do on a regular basis. Exercise can be any fitness regimen that can range from the usual calisthenics to more enjoyable sporting activities.

There are certainly different forms of exercise and fitness programs that people would like. It helps to match up a kind of physical activity to one’s own personality. For those who like the outdoors, going on a hike or biking around would be a worthwhile fitness activity. For those who like it simple, home fitness training or just simply walking on a regular basis would do just as well.

Can’t Afford Gym Membership

Some people believe that the only way to stay fit is by going to the gym. And just because they can’t afford the membership into one gives them reason enough not to exercise. This can be quite a foolish excuse not to keep fit and exercise.

Getting fit does not necessarily require one to go the the gym regularly. Getting fit is always trying to get into physical activities that can give the body quite a workout. It can be as easy as walking around the block everyday. You can also purchase workout videos that you can do at home without ever having to spend for a gym membership.

Not Seeing The Changes

Some people have the excuse not to go on a regular exercise program because they think that they are beyond repair. They establish this after just a week or two into a fitness program. They think that by that time changes may already be seen. If they don’t see any, they get bored, become unmotivated to continue and quit along the way.

Just because no immediate changes are noticeable doesn’t mean that its no use exercising and making it an excuse not to. Bear in mind that most programs usually takes doing over 12 weeks before any significant changes can be seen. It takes patience to try and make any exercise program work. The effort in doing so can pay off in many ways later on.

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