Can Yoga Make You Lose Weight

yogaYou may have seen people doing yoga whether on TV or out in the public and you always wonder how they become so thin just by moving slowly and doing those poses. Apart from adhering to a vegetarian diet, because yoga is known to slow down metabolism, yogis are able to lose weight through this gentle, low-impact, and non-cardiovascular exercise routine.

Yoga gets you into a real workout

No matter which yoga school you practice, you can feel your body sweat even as you perform the salutations (the first phase of yoga). You could also feel those muscles you never knew you had as you do your balancing poses.

In fact, a normal-weighing person doing an hour’s worth of high intensity yoga can actually burn up to 375 calories, while other styles of yoga can burn between 150 to 200 calories in a single class.

Also, different yoga schools have different methods of difficulty. For instance, Ashtanga yoga-also known as Power Yoga-is a must for those who want a high level of cardiovascular activity. Meanwhile, Bikram yoga is a sure-fire calorie burner.

Yoga trains your mind

Beyond the meditative value of yoga, the exercise can actually raise awareness to one’s body. You become focused on your sense of inner stillness even whether you can hold a Half Moon pose considering how much you weigh.

This more heightened focus level can also be applied on your dietary choices, which is helpful especially when dieting is an aspect of losing weight that is abhorred by many who want to shed off the added pounds.

However, this does not mean you have to be a vegetarian in order to practice yoga. You need to practice yoga more consistently, while becoming more aware that your relationship with food is more about the mind rather than biological. You eventually become mindful of your eating habits.

No matter how you perform your yoga-whether as a relaxation tool, weight loss exercise, or social activity-you can definitely realize the many health benefits that yoga can bring.


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