Can the Wii Help You Get Fit?

Wii is the newest exercise video game by Nintendo. The said game has been getting a lot of curiosity among gamers and non-gamers since its launch last May due to its possible impact towards ones health. Wii has been very much a bestseller world-wide and one may even find a hard time getting one.

The said game offers its clients the bliss of playing tennis, bowling, boxing, baseball and golf. Wii has a 12 by 20 inches plastic slab balance board which is the main accessory so to play the said game. The board senses whether its user is positioned correctly.

How does the Wii Exercise Game Work?

After starting up the Wii software on its console its user will first be instructed to create a "Mii" which will be your profile as you play the game. The said "Mii" is an avatar and it contains your name, body type and facial feature to match with yours. You will also be asked to include your sex, birth, height and weight.

"Many Wii Fit activities are directed towards a core workout, a popular exercise method that emphasizes slower, controlled motions," said Marc Franklin, director of Nintendo America. The Wii can determine your fitness level so much so for determining on whether one is overweight.

Wii has different types of games. It has this special Balance games wherein its users can play ski slalom run, ski jump, table tilt, and soccer "heading." The option however does not end on the said balance game as it also gives the gamer the opportunity to play and be trained at doing yoga, aerobics and strength training.

Can Wii Replace the Gym?

Several professionals concluded that Wii fitness games can make its players lose some calories but is not advisable to stick on to it and replace the gym.

"It’s great for the person who hasn’t been doing a whole lot. But for individuals who exercise quite a bit, it isn’t going to be a huge challenge. There;s a lot of local muscle fatigue that occurs but the caloric expenditure doesn’t come close to ho intensely you feel you’re working. That’s 210 calories for 30mins – that’s not a whole heck of a lot. The load isn’t enough to count as strength training, but it is enough to count as muscular endurance." – Bryant

"If you’re going to substitute giving your thumbs a workout with the Wii video games for a Wii exercise game, that’s a good choice, in terms of actual activity and caloric expenditure. The hope (however) is that if we can engage people in trying some of these sports through Wee, we can entice them to try the real thing and get some real exercise." – according to physiologist Joseph Donnelly of health sport and exercise science at the University of Kansas Center for Physical Activity and Weight Management.


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