Better Metabolism Even After Exercise

When you do regular exercise, it can help improve your body’s metabolism. This in turn determines just how fast your body can burn fats so that you can lose weight. There are exercises that can help boost your metabolism to let you burn more calories and your fat stores. What most people don’t know is that there is an afterburn effect that happens when the body tries to recover after exercise. This phenomenon is called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption or EPOC.

Basically, EPOC is the term used to refer to the amount of oxygen needed in order for the body to go back to its normal resting level of metabolism. During this time, the body is using more calories as it moves to bring back the body to its normal resting state after exercise. Here are some tips to help you increase your EPOC levels to burn more calories after you exercise.

Do some warm ups.

Whenever you start your exercise, you generally jumpstart your metabolism. That is what will convert the nutrient intake into adenosine triphosphate or ATP, which provides the fuel your working muscles. When you start to work out, the body first burns the reserve ATP in your body. This is through the anaerobic pathway, which does not require oxygen to produce ATP. But after 5 to 8 minutes of activity, your body starts to use the aerobic pathway for ATP, which now requires a steady source of oxygen. With this in mind, you can try to start your exercise with a 5- to 8-minute warm up to use up those reserve ATP first and then maximize oxygen and energy use once you start your actual routine.

Consider high-intensity workouts.

Rather than the length of exercise time, you can more efficiently boost your metabolism through high-intensity workouts. It will get your heart to start pumping quickly and efficiently. High-intensity work outs puts more strain on the body for a shorter period of activity. It is more effective in keeping your body to burn those calories even hours after the exercise is over. Such workouts can also increase your EPOC levels.

Eat several small meals instead of three main meals only.

Eating several small meals can also have a boosting effect on your metabolism. Every time you eat meals, your metabolism increases. So when you eat several meals in small portions during the day, you are taking advantage of this metabolism increase to burn more calories further.


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