Buying a Home Treadmill

buying home treadmillBuying a home treadmill can take the complications out of juggling your work schedule with your cardiovascular fitness regimen. A home treadmill can help you get and stay fit especially when you do not have the time to go into the gym or go out for a run. Having a busy lifestyle can prevent you from getting the right exercise and fitness regimen to keep you healthy.

Having a treadmill at home can keep you fit without having to go into a gym to do so. It can even be a convenient option since you can stay right at home and have your own exercise privacy. You no longer have excuses not being able to go out for a run just because it’s raining. Buying a home treadmill would require a better understanding of this popular home exercise equipment.

Basic Features

Treadmills are basically made up of a wide rubber traction belt that is spread over a platform bed usually fitted with two or more rollers. There are treadmills that can be powered by its own motor or just by the user. The rollers move the rubber belt as the user runs over it. Motor-powered treadmills allow users to be able to regulate the running speed of the equipment according to their preferred fitness activity.

Treadmills are generally categorized either for residential or commercial use. Home treadmills are differentiated from gym treadmills by their size and features. Gym or club treadmills are usually the bigger and the heavy duty type, while the home treadmill is its smaller counterpart. Gym treadmills are also more able to withstand the strain of regular daily use and usually have some other added features.

Price Range

Home treadmill buying can be a challenge since there is a wide array of such equipment available to choose from. Ranging from the simplest down to the biggest and the most advanced models, choosing the right home treadmill will ultimately depend on one’s budget. The price range for a home treadmill can range from $500 to somewhere around $4,000. The price usually depends on the treadmill’s features, performance quality as well as durability.

Tips to Consider

When buying a home treadmill, make sure that the running area is most ideal for your own height and weight. This can be determined by the treadmill’s belt width. The common and more popular belt width is twenty inches. The length of the belt is also considered to allow a sufficient running area. It is suggested that the length should not be less than 50 inches long, with 55 to 60 inches preferred for bigger and taller runners.

Another way to consider quality in buying a home treadmill is by looking at the warranty being offered. Usually, the longer the warranty, the more durable the equipment is. Try to choose home treadmills with at least three years warranty in parts and a year for labor.

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