Jari Love’s Extremely Ripped Exercise DVD

jari love's extremely ripped

Most of the people I know are fretting over their weight.  Either they are too thin or they are too fat. Then there are people who jumpstart their weight management goals by following some physical exercise routines, but for dieters who do not have the time to visit the gym for an intense workout, the first option is always to purchase your own equipment. Either that or you get our hands on some exercise videos.

Personally, I’m pretty prepped up about exercise workouts, but after a while, most of the workouts I try become too much of a routine.  Most of them lack variety.  Fortunately, a good friend of mine advised me to get Jari’s Extremely Ripped, a series of superb video workouts that provide excellent results. 

I mean really, really excellent results.  I’m talking about a major leap in weight loss here.

For one, the series of videos are pretty motivational.  I guess this has something to do with Jari’s character.  But more than anything else, I think Jari’s workouts are a refreshing change from the usual, crappy exercise videos that I’ve tried. She uses a wide variety of moves: pulses, isometrics, balance training, tempo variations, stationary and moving exercises, plenty of weight-room-style, body-sculpting classics. Extremely Ripped is a series of superb video workouts that provide excellent results. Its vast assortment of exercise routines makes it highly recommendable for those who want to lose weight in a short period. 

I look great and I feel great, too!  I give Jari’s two thumbs up!

Image source: Collagevideo.com

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