Why It’s Wise To Exercise

exercise benefitsExercising is so beneficial that you can’t afford not to do it regularly.

Sure, the couch is soft, comfy and is right across the TV, and just a few feet away from the fridge. You’ll find this kind of restful lifestyle very enjoyable – if you want to be plagued by weight problems and health problems for the rest of your very short life.

Exercise benefits

True. A couch potato lifestyle is easy, effortless and painless. But exercising, despite being sometimes tiring and painful, offers a plethora of benefits that an idle life on a comfy couch could never provide.

Overall health

Exercising causes the body to produce chemical called endorphins. Endorphins are responsible for that sense of well-being, physically and psychologically. Exercise has been known to be help people with mild depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Exercise can also help people sleep better. The hard work that comes with exercise also gives people a sense of accomplishment.

Ideal weight and figure

Another benefit of regular exercise is weight loss. Or, if you already achieved your ideal weight, exercising can help maintain that healthy weight. Exercising also makes the body more toned.

Reduced risk of diseases

Regular exercise lowers the risks of developing serious health conditions and weight-related problems like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and colon cancer.


Exercise keeps bones and muscles strong. Bones weaken with age which can lead to dilapidating conditions like osteoporosis. Muscles also deteriorate with age. When muscles lose mass and start to weaken, it can no longer fight off infections – increasing our chances of developing serious illnesses. Exercise also strengthens the heart and lungs, which improves blood circulation, giving you more energy to do things that you like.

The right exercise routine for you

You won’t keep doing something you don’t enjoy, right? Do some research on various exercise routines and see which one draws your interest.

There is also your workout personality to consider. Do you like working out alone, or with a trainer, or as part of a group? You personality may lead you to a gym (and the like), outdoors.

You also have to make practical considerations. Do you have the budget and time to support your chosen activity?

Y have to know someone who is experienced with exercising, like a trainer, or a coach. He or she can guide you through your exercise program.

Lastly, visit your doctor for a check up. He or she can tell you what kinds of exercises are good or bad for you. Also, if you have an existing condition such as asthma, so you will be informed about what exercise routines (and how much exercise) are good for you.


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