What is Anti Gravity Yoga?

Traditional yoga improves the one’s flexibility, posture, and his mind-body connection. Many types of forms of traditional yoga have been practiced for thousands of years already – a testament to its effectiveness. It will probably be around for a thousand more.

Over the years newer forms of yoga have been developed. One such form is the current trend AntiGravity Yoga. Yoga practitioners do their yoga poses in hammocks that are suspended from the ceiling. Being airborne allows moves such as Downward Dogs and Flying Pigeons to ease spinal tension. Being airborne also allows for deep stretches with a decreased risk of injury.


New York City-based certified personal trainer Ariane Hundt says that "Being suspended in the air offers greater flexibility. Hanging upside down is enormously relaxing, releases tension in the body, and makes you feel weightless."


On the other hand, yoga moves are already complicated on solid ground. Doing poses while suspended from midair requires coordination that beginners won’t be able to perform properly. AntiGravity Yoga is also not a very friendly exercise for obese people, as it poses some risks for injuries.

Source: MSN Health


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