The Great Office Workout

office workoutThe most ideal time for a workout is during lunchtime. Its not easy to work up motivation to do rigorous exercises in the evenings, so it would be best to build up slowly during lunch time. Start with a 20-minute workout to gear you up for the afternoon. Aside from the physical benefits you will reap from doing workouts, there are psychological benefits as well.

Exercise is important because it will make you feel energized and regenerated. But even if you do not have the time to leave the office in the afternoon, there are still other means for a physical activity.

Here are some ideas that you can try at your desk. Follow these steps and get fit even when you’re busy at work:

  • Use the stairs instead of the lift, not just to reach your office. Repeatedly jog up and walk down the stairs until you can feel your muscles contracting

  • Sit on your chair and squeeze your bottom. Do these for 10 sets, each set consisting of 10 repetitions

  • Work your arms by doing a series of push-ups against your desk

  • Do a series of leg extensions by sitting on your chair, holding your legs out straight and extending them.

  • Go for a 30-minute brisk walk. After all, brisk walks are good cardiovascular workouts and a good mood lifter as well.

These workouts, together with a good diet, are great ways to keep yourself healthy and strong even when you’re tired from the work you have to do everyday in the office. Follow these steps to relieve stress and to attain an improved sense of wellbeing.


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