Strength Training: Get Fit and Pain-Free

For people with arthritis, exercise is the key to reduce their pain. Or more specifically, strength training is their ticket to become pain-free.

In a study at Tufts University in Boston, the researchers divided 46 arthritis-ridden participants (who reported significant amounts of pain) into a strength training group and a non-strength training group. After 4 months, the exercise group reported a 43 percent pain reduction. In contrast, the non-exercisers reported only a 12 percent decrease in pain. The strength-training group on the other hand, reported a 44 percent decrease in pain.

The researchers also discovered that strength training just three times a week can reduce pain and improve physical function.

What makes strength training effective development of muscles around the joints. The stronger the muscles around the joints get, the greater pressure they take off from those joints. This also helps protect them from further damage.

Better physical function and decrease in pain are not the only benefits of strength training. people with arthritis who strength train also become more self-sufficient. And because they are pain-free and are able to help themselves, their emotional outlook improves and they feel better overall.

Source: MSN Health & Fitness


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