Personal Training Individual & Group

Training individually with a personal trainer allows you to form an exercise program the perfectly suits you body and lifestyle. You can also get the same benefits from a group training session, nut only in small group.


According to certified fitness instructor Lindsay Bogdasarian of Ann Arbor, Michigan, "Accountability, personalization, and great workouts make personal training effective." Angela Parker, a Los Angeles-based certified trainer, agrees but also notes that you can get the same, if not better results from group personal training. "Group personal training is cheaper than private training and can offer better results. When people exercise in a group they work 10 times harder than alone. They feed off the collective energy."


The downside of both individual and group personal training, according to Walt Thompson, Ph.D., Regents Professor of Exercise Science at Georgia State University, is instructor regulation. "Personal trainers are still not regulated in any way," says Thompson. "No state has adopted any legislation to control who can and cannot become a personal trainer." He adds though, that the fitness industry going in that direction.

Source: MSN Health


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