How To Be Active

active lifstyleDeciding to be more physically active and actually doing something about it is two completely different things. You may want physical activity to be a part of your daily routine but you find yourself beset by many obstacles like work or lack of time.

Or you may have convinced yourself that you may hurt yourself by exercising. Regardless of the myriad excuses the one thing that you have to remember is that physical activity has many important functions chief of which is preventing chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer.

Before you do get started on your workout, it is important that you clear your health with your doctor. If you have a previous health problem or you simply have been stagnating in front of the television every night, then it is imperative that you consult your doctor first. He or she will recommend how much exercise is good for you or if there are any exercises that may be bad for your existing condition.

If you’ve gotten a clean bill of health then the next thing to do is to try to stick with your workout. This can be the most challenging of all as some people would give up by the second month or so. Here are some tips that can light a fire under your inactive bum.

Make your activity a regular part of your day, so it becomes a habit. If you find yourself too busy to incorporate working out in your daily routine then try to find little pockets of time to set aside. Try waking up an half an hour earlier or scheduling lunchtime workouts.

Create opportunities for activity, such as parking your car farther away, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or walking down the hall to talk to a coworker instead of using e-mail. Or do energetic housework that way you can avoid being a slob and getting physically fit at the same time.

Choose family activities that are active. If you have children, make time to play with them outside. Set a positive example. Go for nature hikes or a family soccer game.

Motivate yourself. If you have a favorite sport, join clubs or teams. Read books or magazines to inspire you. You should set a goal in mind so that you can be driven to meet that goal.

Choose something you like to do. There’s no point in going for exercises that you’ll be bored at after a few weeks. Make sure it suits you physically too. You probably shouldn’t be doing weight training if you have a bad back.

Make exercises fun. Going to the gym doesn’t have to be a short term prison sentence for you. Exercise with a friend or a family member. Watch TV or read a book if you are on the stationary bike. Go outside for a change in scenery.

Don’t get too discouraged. It takes months to see any noticeable changes in you. Losing weight is not an instantaneous process.

Don’t let the cold weather keep you on the couch! You can still find activities to do in the winter like exercising to a workout video or joining a sports league. Or get a head start on your spring cleaning by choosing active indoor chores like window washing or reorganizing closets.

Build a community group to form walking clubs, build walking trails, start exercise classes, and organize special events to promote physical activity.


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