Hotel Room Workout Tips

hotel room workoutFor those who are usually on the go, like businessmen or traveler away from their favorite gyms, opting for the best solution is usually the right alternative. Of course, the next best thing is a hotel gym. However, there are times when a gym is not at all that present or has inadequate equipments in a hotel.

If this is the case, creating your own props is the best solution. The props are anything that will come handy and something that will serve as make-shift gym equipment. When it comes down to cardio workout, try stepping up and down on a bench or a chair, or just going for a run.

 Being Creative With The Props

Makes sure these said props are available to start your workout. 

  • Two 2-liters of bottled water. This can be bought an a convenient or grocery store.
  • Two chairs in the room.

Once the props are complete, go through this following workout as fast as possible.

Performing Body Weight Squats With Wall Squats

With your feet aligned with your shoulder, hold one of the bottles in front of you. Then squat down. Make sure your toes are pointed as low as possible. Do 30-50 reps in total. Now with your back against the wall, go into a squat position. As your back is leaning against the wall, you knees should bend at a 90-degree angle. Hold the position for 20 or 30 seconds.

Doing Push-ups

Unlike the conventional push-up, have your feet placed on the bed and your hands on the floor. From that position, perform the push-up. 15-20 reps is enough.

For a balancing position, lift one hand and maneuver your body sideways. As you have only one arm supporting your whole body weight, maintain the position for 20 seconds.

Once done, have your hands placed in a triangular position and continue with the push ups. Then do the balancing position with the other hand.

Doing Chair Clips

On working your triceps, have both your hands placed on the chair while your feet stretched and resting on another chair. With this you can begin performing your dipping exercises. Do pauses once you attain the bottom position. Perform as many as you can with this exercise until fatigue sets in.

Performing Balancing T Raises

Do this unlike the conventional exercise itself. That is by balancing on one foot only. Once one routine while balancing on one foot is achieved, switch to the other foot.

This is how this whole routine goes: with one bottle on each hand, raise them sideways. Move your arms directly in front of you. Do this twenty times as well as switching your feet and reversing the direction.

Doing Single-leg Deadlifts

Standing in front of the bed, move one foot back and rest it on the edge of the bed. The other foot has to stay straight. With a chair placed one foot away from the straight leg, bend over and get a firm grip of the legs of the chair. Then lift you body upwards. Keep your back is as flat as possible. Afterwards, stand and place the chair down. That completes one rep.

Doing Ab Contractions

With your back flat on the floor, take one of the water bottles with both hands and do crunches. You may bring up your knees as well as you bend forward.

As some of the positions are quite difficult, this may even give you the challenge you need when you are away from your usual gym. You can consider doing this workout whenever you want to further your fitness capabilities.


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