Health Benefits of Mountain Climbing

climbersMountain climbing is one of the most challenging adventure sports today. More and more people are attracted to mountain climbing because it is an exciting and challenging way to workout with the benefits of enjoying fresh air and magnificent mountain sceneries.

Free workout plan

Do you want to workout without the cost of having to enroll in an expensive gym, or buying exercise equipment of impractical prices? Many people nowadays are looking for free or low-cost workout plans in order to achieve their desired fitness goals. Many people are careless, easily shelling out significant amount of money for gym membership or for fitness equipment that they’re likely going to use for only a number of weeks at most.

If you’re looking for a fun, exciting, and less expensive way to workout, you may want to try mountain climbing. Despite being one of the best free workout plans available, many people are not taking advantage of this extremely rewarding adventure sport. Mountain climbing provides many physical and mental health benefits that many other free fitness plans cannot.

Physical heath benefits

One of the major reasons people are attracted to mountain climbing is because of the physical health benefits it provides. People nowadays are very conscious about their health and fitness really becomes a big deal. If gyms bore you, mountain climbing is the best workout option for you. Mountain climbing is a great endurance workout since you have to walk for many hours up terrains with varying steepness. It tests how persevere you are in reaching the summit, improving your overall fitness level.

Specifically, mountain climbing helps you: improve flexibility, develop muscle tone, improve coordination, ensure balance, burn calories, and enhance physical focus. Mountain climbing is great for your health, however, it can also put strains on your body. Before the climbing proper, you have to warm up. Warm up exercises are very important, and without it you’re prone to harm and injury.

Mental health benefits

Mountain climbing is an excellent workout plan since it allows you to experience Mother Nature, away from your stressful life routines. You’ll feel rejuvenated when you see breathtaking sceneries, breathe the clean and fresh air, and hear the birds singing. Stress will go away and you’ll have more endurance and energy before you even realize it. You can climb the mountain alone, giving you the peace of mind the you’ve been longing for. Or you can climb with friends, if you want to share the experience of mountain climbing.

Although treadmills give you the same feeling as mountain climbing when the settings are adjusted to incline, this experience is nothing compared to the adrenaline rush when you reach the mountain summit. Running or walking on a treadmill in the comfort of your home is also nothing compared to climbing the mountain with the magnificent views and clean fresh air.




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