Exercise For Seniors

Exercises for seniorIt is never too late to exercise and having a fit body, even if you are over 60. But unlike when you were younger, your exercise routine is a little adjusted to suit your needs. Here are tips before getting started.

Check with your doctor first – If you have a family of heart disease, visit your physician. It’s a good idea to have a physical examination and take a graded exercise before you begin in an exercise program.

Choose rhythmic, repetitive, and fun activities – These routines challenge the circulatory system, but make sure you can do it all year round. Also, adjust the routine to intensity appropriate for you.

Wear appropriately – Put on comfortable clothing and footwear appropriate for the temperature, humidity, and activity.

Look for an appropriate place – Check if the gym caters to the senior market, with instructors and trainers who would gladly (not forcefully) assist you. If you decide that walking is a great activity for you, choose a place that has a smooth, soft surface; that does not intersect with traffic; is well-lighted and safe. A recommended walking venue is in your local shopping mall.

Find a fitness buddy – It is best to have a companion to exercise with you. This will help you stay on a regular schedule and add to your enjoyment.

Take more time to warm-up and cool-down – Your muscles’ adaptation and elasticity generally slowed down as you age. Also, make sure you stretch slowly to avoid injury.

Exercise lightly at first – Start your routine at the lowest intensity possible, especially if you have been mostly sedentary, and progress gradually.

Drink water – If you plan to be active for more than 30 minutes, be sure to drink some water every 15 minutes, especially when exercising in hot, humid conditions. As you age, your sense of thirst tends to decrease and you can’t completely rely on your internal sense of thirst.


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