Boot Camp Pros and Cons

Boot camps are based military-style training.

Boot camps are a fitness trend that takes after the military’s style of training. Fitness drills include power skipping, reverse files, as well as other moves that cardio, strength and core fitness.


The upside to boot camps, according to Karen Rooff, a certified personal trainer in Austin, Texas, is that, "Because the exercises are infinitely combinable, each workout is new. Novelty is great for keeping both muscles and minds engaged. Plus, classes with small numbers offer a trainer’s personal attention at a fraction of the usual cost."


The downside however, says Ariane Hundt, a New York City-based certified personal trainer, is that "Participants may overestimate their fitness level, overdo it, and stop working out. And, high- intensity workouts can cause injuries if the instruction isn’t personalized." To prevent injury do not push yourself over your limit. Listen to your body and tell your trainer beforehand of any pre-existing injuries or conditions you may have. If a move is too hard for you, do not be afraid to alter them a bit.

Source: MSN Health


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