Active Gaming Pros and Cons

Active gaming or "exergaming" goes beyond your classic Dance Dance Revolution. It is even moving beyond your Nintendo Wii.

Exergaming is a video-game technology that uses accessories such as video game-enables bikes, boards, pads, etc. to get exercisers moving and sweating. The technology is cropping up in health clubs, schools, and even in doctors’ offices.


Lisa Hansen, M.S., co-director of XRKade Research Labs at the University of South Florida, says "Active gaming makes exercise funParticipants enjoy themselves, which motivates them to go to the gym more and work out longer."


The downside to active gaming, according to the findings of a Research from the University of Michigan Health System, is that actual sports three to four times more calories than virtual exercise. This means you should not take active gaming as a replacement for real activities. Hundt says, "Nobody is checking your form or correcting poor posture, so the chance of injury is increased for inexperienced gamers."

Source: MSN Health


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