Stair Climbing for Weight Loss

Stair climbing as exercise greatly burns off calories, making it an effective weight loss routine.  Climbing stars is an exercise on its own, as calories burned while climbing stairs can be felt at first try.Whenever we go out, we tend to avoid the stairs and would opt for ramps that were originally made for people on wheelchairs. We see stair climbing as too bothersome and tiring. However, did you know that climbing stairs can actually be good for your health?

Exercise and lose weight for free

Even first-class gyms have equipment that simulate climbing stair because they understand that doing this seemingly simple activity can actually shed calories and speed up your weight loss.

Stair climbing is a high-intensity exercise that is free and very accessible. All you need is a set of stairs and you are good to go. However, it may be difficult for heavier people at first try. The heavier you are, the harder it takes to climb stairs, and at the same time it burns more calories.

Climbing stairs can quickly increase your heart rate, which can greatly improve your cardiovascular fitness. It also helps in strengthening and toning the lower parts of our body, especially the calves, thighs, buttocks, and even the abdominal area.

Optimizing your stair climbing workout

Just like in any other exercise, it is best to start your stair climbing slowly, building progression as you get better with it. First timers may find themselves out of breath after a flight or two. At the same time, they may also find their thigh muscles starting to burn.

To get your body adapt to this form of exercise. Start by limiting your stair climbing up to two flights of stairs followed by five minutes of walking on the stop. Once your heart rate has come down to a comfortable level, go and climb up another two flights followed by another round of on-the-spot walking. Do this routine for about two weeks.

As you progress, you can try adding another two flights of stairs and another five minutes of walking on the spot every week. Eventually, you would be able to climb all flights of stairs without having to stop to regain your breath.

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