How to Get Rid of Your Love Handles

love handlesLove handles is the common term used for those flabby additions located on the side of the abdomen. For a more proper term, this area is known as the obliques. It is a part of the stomach and abdominal area that most people seem to neglect when exercising or plainly do not usually use in various daily activities.

As a result, the area can slowly become a storage for fat cells and become more and more flabby with age. And the problem with them is that it is not that easy to get rid of them once love handles take their spot.

Total Body Workout is Best

In trying to get rid of those love handles, the important thing that people should bear in mind is that they might require some hard work if one is too see them slowly melting away. Long periods of aerobic exercise done on a regular basis may do the job quite effectively.

But if one decides to do some spot toning on this area of the abdomen, it might not be as effective. In order to be effective, one may need to increase his or her body’s metabolism in order to burn up the fat stores in this area. What would be required to get rid of them would be to think total body fitness and weight loss. It is the best way to get rid of love handles.

Basic Crunches

Aside from aerobic exercises, doing some additional exercises would even help get rid of those love handles faster. One of the most common means to do that is by doing basic crunches that would give the muscles on the stomach area a good workout. Aside from that, there are other exercises that would help as well.

Leg Flutters

This would also help give the back muscles a bit of a work out that may be needed to strike a balance of toning the torso area. One need to lie on his or her stomach and then try to lift the head slightly. With the arms straight out in the sides, try to lift both feet and knees off the ground and try to flutter them one after the other for about 20 seconds.

Standing Trunk Twists

This is a simple exercise that would help use the muscles on the abdominal area as well as help keep that heart rate up. In order to do this, one has to stand up with the feet about 12 inches apart and the knees relaxed.

Twist the torso to one side while trying to keep the legs and lower hip area stable. While twisting to the left, cross the right arm in front of the body as if in a punching motion. Do this the opposite way when twisting to the other side. This exercise should be done a hundred times to make up a complete set.

Change in Diet

Since love handles are simply fat deposits in the abdominal area, cutting down on fat on the daily diet may greatly help keeping those love handles from getting even bigger. Just maintaining a low-fat diet and eating healthy would do a lot in trying to get rid of those love handles. A healthy diet and regular aerobic exercise would be the best combination to help keep those love handles from becoming more prominent that usual.


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