Cardio Exercise for Beginners

beginner cardio exercisesManaging our weight is not easy because there are many temptations that hinder us from sticking to our weight management plan. Good thing there are ways to help us reach our diet goals, one of which is by doing regular cardio exercises.

But before you leap into these types of exercises, make sure that you keep these reminders in mind:


Do not forget to do some stretching and warm-up activities before starting the exercise proper. This is intended to condition your body for the rigorous exercise that you plan to execute. Stretching also works in loosening up the tightness in your muscles. It is also a preventive measure against sprains.


Make sure that you are properly hydrated because exercise will make you perspire. Drink water before and after exercise to replenish the body fluids that will come out of your body while you exercise.

Proper attire

Dress appropriately for your physical activity. Wear something comfortable and conducive to the exercise you will be performing. Also, consider the weather when dressing for your exercise activities.

Physical pain

Some people experience chest pains and dizziness while doing rigorous physical activities. If you are among these people, make it a point to consult with your physician before starting your exercise activities. Endurance activities may make you a little breathless but not to the extent that you will find it difficult to talk and breathe.

Over exercising

Do not go beyond your level. Your body has a limit so do not step over the line. Otherwise, you might have to face serious complications.

Once you have gone over these reminders, you are now ready to start exercising. An hour of physical activity a day is enough to keep you healthy and strong. It will also keep you fit, too.



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