The After Six Diet

Many people who wish to lose excess body weight might look at a variety of popular diets that will help them do just that. There are quite a number of different weight loss diets out there. Some may be effective on others while other diets may not. It pays to do your research first before you decide on what type of weight loss diet to follow. One of the more popular ones out there is known as the After Six Diet.

The Basics

The After Six Diet may be considered as a type of intermittent fasting. People need to avoid eating for a certain period of time with this type of diet. Also popularly known as the Six O’Clock Diet, the main concept behind this diet is simple- refrain from eating after 6pm.

How It Works

The reasoning behind the After Six Diet is that you refrain from adding calories into your body at a time when you would not be able to burn it while you rest at night. Such calories will easily be converted into body fat since they are not being burned through the night.

Calories are burned more effectively during times with the most physical activities. For most people, this is usually during daytime. Limiting your caloric intake during such times will ensure that you burn them and reduce the chances of the body storing them as fat.

How Effective Is It?

The After Six Diet is effective for weight loss for those who tend to eat more during the evenings, especially on fattening snacks and treats. By setting a limit of eating only before 6pm, they can eliminate this bad habit and would likely see weight loss results in a matter of weeks while strictly following the said diet.

But for the After Six Diet to become more effective, it is also important that people try to follow eating a balanced diet during their eating period during the day.



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