Weight Watchers Diet Plan

The Weight Watchers Diet is an enduringly popular diet plan that has been around since the 1960’s. It has long helped people trying to lose weight more effectively. It actually started out as weekly meetings between a few friends trying to discuss the best ways to lose weight. Over time, Weight Watchers has become an organization that numbers is millions of men and women trying to lose weight.

What is Weight Watchers Diet

The Weight Watchers Diet is based on a calorie control method of losing weight. This method of losing weight has been considered as the most healthiest option, allowing people to consume a more well balanced diet plan. The Weight Watchers diet also makes use of a points system that helps dieters monitor their calorie consumption with the different types of food being consumed on a daily basis. Not only that, what makes the Weight Watchers way to dieting more effective is that it offers the support of a community that aims to lose weight the healthy way.

How it works

The Weight Watchers diet actually has a program that dieters follow in order to lose weight effectively. This program, called the Weight Watchers TurnAround Program, offers two diet plans that members follow to achieve healthy weight loss.

The Core plan

There is the Core Plan which is based on the classification of food types considers as the "core" group. Core foods are a list of healthy foods covering all food groups.

This plan allows dieters to eat core foods provided that they are eaten until full and note feeling stuffed. There are also certain foods allowed in the plan not considered as core foods. These non-core foods are given their allocated points and can be consumed provided that they fall within the weekly allotment of 35 non-core points. Exercising gives dieters the option to gain additional non-core points for their weekly allotment, limitations considered.

The Flex plan

Then there is also the Flex Plan where the points system that the Weight Watchers have been known for is given more focus. Under this plan, dieters are given an allocated number of points that they are allowed to consume daily. This points allocation is based on the dieter’s age, height, weight, gender and level of activity. The number of points, just like the Core Plan, can also be increased with sufficient and regular exercise.

The Flex Plan is a simple way that dieters may be able to monitor calorie intake. Various food servings have their own assigned points. Dieters try to maintain food consumption within their points allocation. This allows dieters to eat a wide variety of food choices, just as long as they keep within their weekly total point values. This approach is a contrast to some other types of diet plans that restrict the consumption of specific foods.


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