Weight Loss Diets From Around The World

shutterstock_182620508People follow certain diets to lose weight. It so happens that people from around the world may have different ways to go about it. Depending on location, availability of food and the current fad, weight loss diets can vary wherever you may be. From the absurd to the rational, here are some of the popular weight loss diets around the world.

USA – Cookie Diet

The cookie diet may seem quite a fun diet to follow to lose weight. Developed by Dr. Sanford Siegal in 1975, the cookie diet involves calorie cuts by eating six to nine cookies along with one meal per day of 500 to 700 calories. The consumption of the cookies are to be spread throughout the day to avoid feeling hungry. With most people considering cookies as treats, this makes the diet easy to follow. But the downside is that cutting on calories is not an ideal way to lose weight on a permanent basis. It causes the body to go into survival mode, slowing making it harder to lose the weight eventually.

France- Air Diet

In a fashion capital like France, losing weight becomes an essential part of life. Fashion models need to be reed-thin as possible. And in this country, the ideal slim figure becomes the common aim. It is no wonder therefore, that the French came up with an absurd weight loss plan like the Air Diet. You may consider it as a drastic weight loss diet, considering that it will really make you thin when you follow it. Why? This diet involves people going through the motions of eating, even without eating any food. They stick their forks to an imaginary food in front of them and bring it to their mouths. Followers believe that going through the motions of eating can trick the brain and the body that it is already taking in food. But this type of diet is nothing more than a fad, how absurd it may be. People will not be able to stick to the Air Diet as a lifetime habit, you can be sure of that.

Japan- Morning Banana Diet

The morning banana diet became so popular in Japan that it resulted in a shortage of the fruit by noon during its heyday. This diet involves eating a banana first thing in the morning before taking any breakfast. Followers of the diet believe that eating a banana can jumpstart your metabolism in the morning that will allow you to lose weight. But just like any other fad diet, it also involves calorie restriction. You will lose your weight with this type of diet. But once you stop it, you will usually regain the weight you lost.

Sweden- Caveman Diet

The Caveman Diet became popular in countries like Sweden. This time nutritionists believe that this diet may not be a bad idea. The Caveman Diet goes back to the time when the diet consists mainly of lean meat with fruits and vegetables. It was a time when farming was not yet developed. Followers of the diet avoid processed grains, which most nutritionists blame for the obesity problem in the modern world.

Hong Kong- Tape Worm Diet

This diet may not be something for the faint of heart. It involves swallowing tapeworms that reside in the intestines. Followers of the diet believe that the tapeworms consume what the hosts eat, thereby making them lose weight. This allows them to eat whatever they want and not worry about getting fat. However, it is a frightening concept having a parasite living in your stomach. There may be safety issues involved. But more than that, it is always a frightening idea trying to swallow a completely live tapeworm.


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