Understanding the Paleolithic Diet

shutterstock_145891655With many diets available nowadays, it can be quite confusing what kind of diet to follow. With most of them designed to help people lose weight, these diets can be either hard or easy to follow. But a lot of them may be considered as fad diets, a type of diet that people may not be able to follow in long period of time. There are other diets that are based on one’s lifestyle and may be easier to stick to. One of the more popular ones nowadays is the Paleolithic diet.

What is it?

The Paleolithic diet or the shortened Paleo diet is a type of nutritional plan based on what humans ate during the Paleolithic era. This was the time of the cave men, when humans were considered as hunter-gatherers. That is why it was known as the Cavemen diet or the Stone Age diet. This diet is based on the belief that if people start eating like their prehistoric ancestors, they will be leaner and lose weight. Basically, the Paleo diet is a high-protein, high-fiber diet that will enable people to lose weight without cutting on calories.

Paleo Diet Features

The Paleo diet is characterized by eating lots of fresh lean meats and fish as well as fruits and vegetables. People who follow this diet are also allowed to eat eggs. Nuts and seeds as well as healthy oils such as coconut and olive oil. What the Paleo diet does not allow is including processed foods in your diet. Since this diet is based on people who were once just hunter-gatherers and not farmers, eating wheat and dairy is not allowed. Other foods not allowed in the Caveman diet include dairy, refined sugar, salt, potatoes and processed or refined vegetable oils such as canola.

The Paleo diet also does not follow calorie counting. Eating fiber-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables along with lean meats for protein can fill up the stomach easily without the need to count the number of calorie intake. This feature of the diet makes it easy to adhere to. Since it is based on eating fruits and vegetables along with lean meat, the Paleo diet may be considered as one of the more balanced diet types to follow. Considering that it also prohibits eating processed foods may also be a good thing, with such foods known to be unhealthy and fattening.


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