Understanding The Paleo Diet

paleo dietThere are a lot of different diets that many people try to follow on their way to better fitness. Some may be effective that people abide by it as a lifestyle. Some diets leave more to be desired. It seems that some diets work on some people while others do not. There are different types of diets people can choose from to maintain their fitness. The Paleo diet is one of those that has recently gotten the attention among many.

The Paleo diet is basically a type of diet that is patterned after the diet of ancient cavemen. That is why it is also called the Stone Age diet. To put it simply, those who follow the Paleo diet only eats what a caveman eats. This means people can eat anything that can be hunted or gathered. This includes different types of meats, fish, leafy vegetables, nuts, and fruits.

The Paleo diet became a bit popular because it is more or less easier to follow for most people. There is not a lot of calorie counting involved. People only need to follow a diet that has been followed by human ancestors thousands of years ago. Based on anthropological discoveries, most cavemen tend to be lean, muscular, and agile. Compared to people today who are increasingly becoming obese and unhealthy. It has a lot to do with the diet people follow today. Going back to the type of diet of ancient cavemen, many believe, will help bring back people to eating where human bodies are biologically designed to eat.

One of the main reasons why today’s diet is fattening is due mainly to the addition of grains. Grains are mostly carbohydrates that the body turns into glucose to be used for energy. Unused glucose in the bloodstream are turned by the body into fat for later use. The fact that grains like wheat, rice, breads have become food staples has drastically changed the human diet. With the Paleo diet, grains are essentially avoided since cavemen’s diets did not contain any farmed grains.

By following the Paleo diet, people start to lessen the body’s glycemic load. Not only that, the diet also helps people avoid processed food and turn to eating natural, organic food. The Paleo diet also encourages eating more nutrient-rich foods to replace those containing nutrient-void processed carbs as found in a typical modern-day diet. The changes usually help encourage weight loss and even muscle growth, if people also add physical activities to their daily regimen.



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