The Warrior Diet Basics

Many people make use of different ways to lose weight. Others prefer exercise while others think that diet is effective for them. Still there are also others who prefer a combination of both. Whatever people are able to stick with is fine as long as it does its ultimate purpose, and that is to lose weight. Among the many types of weight loss diets out there, only a number may be considered effective while others end up as just being fads because people cannot just follow it on a regular basis. It is important to know many of the different types of diets out there. One of the recent ones is the Warrior Diet.

What is The Warrior Diet?

The Warrior Diet is a relatively new type of weight loss program that has recently become popular. It was developed by Ori Hofmekler sometime in the early 2000’s. It is based more or less on the diet that was followed by early warriors who are active even on an empty stomach, eat less during the day while hunting, and then eat like kings when enjoying their successful kill at night. In a way, it is patterned after the Paleo diet, which focused on eating fruits, meat and other food available during earlier times, and then avoiding processed food products. The Warrior Diet is different in a way because it includes intermittent fasting as an integral part of the program.

How This Diet Works

The Warrior Diet uses intermittent fasting to give your body the time to burn up all the calories that it has. This diet lets you deplete the energy levels for the day. Basically, the diet follows what warriors in ancient times follow- eat very little in the morning, even exercise on an empty stomach, eat little for the rest of the day, and have a feast at night when they already have the food available as a result of a successful hunting. This balance of fasting and exercising helps burn up calories and preventing excess ones from being stored up as fat. This has made the ancient warriors stay fit and don’t accumulate extra body fat.

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