The Paleolithic Diet

shutterstock_63209380The Paleolithic diet or Paleo diet is a type of diet that has recently become quite popular among people who wish to lose weight. It is also known as the caveman diet or the Stone Age diet. It is considered as a fad in that it is a type of diet that people may not be able to maintain for long periods. It is usually ideal for short-term weight loss.

What Is It?

The Paleo diet is based on what is presumed to be the diet of our prehistoric ancestors. It is based mostly on a diet of wild plants and animals as was consumed during the Paleolithic era. But since some food sources during that time may no longer be available, there are modern food groups that can mimic the food groups eaten during those pre-historic times.

Paleo Diet Basis

The Paleo diet is based on the belief that the human digestive system has not fully evolved to properly digest grains, legumes, dairy and other processed foods brought by the advent of agriculture and farming. The human body is still considered wired for a diet by our hunter-gatherer ancestors. It is not designed for consumption of available foods brought about by modern farming and processing. Proponents believe that the change in diet has led to the development of certain metabolic conditions such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Paleo Diet Characteristics

People who follow the Paleo diet abide by certain rules of what to eat and what not to eat. A typical Paleo diet is characterized by consuming more protein, less carbohydrates, high in fiber, high fat content and less salt. A Paleo diet contain very little cereal grains, no dairy, unsalted food, but with a lot of lean meat, vegetables and fruits. People on a Paleo diet drink water while some also recommend tea. Alcohol and coffee are not allowed since our Paleo ancestors did not yet have the means to consume such.


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