The Best New Diet of 2009

Many diets made their way into mainstream consciousness but only one stood out as the most effective diet of them all. And it is not just one of those fad diets that caught on like wildfire, but aren’t really effective. No. This diet actually works. Articlebase even went so far as to call it "the best diet to appear in the past 5 years."

Calorie shifting basic concepts

The best diet of 2009 is Calorie Shifting.

The key to this diet is to prevent your metabolism from finding a comfort zone where it will slow your metabolic rate down. To achieve this, you have to constantly change your eating habits on a day to day basis. This means you have to eat full meals everyday to burn more fat, concentrate on enhancing your metabolism instead of cutting back on calories, and continue burning fat even after you stop dieting; you won’t have to starve yourself or cut back on your calorie intake. Best of all, you won’t regain the weight you lost.

While this may sound like a odd concept for diet, Calorie Shifting actually works because the constant change keeps your metabolism active. Focusing on improving the factor that determines how many calories your body burns is definitely a more efficient tool for weight loss than any other calorie-restricting diet.

Source: Articlebase


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