Jenny Craig: Pros and Cons

The Jenny Craig weight loss program is a three-level food-mind-body plan that is designed to help people lose weight and keep it off.

The first level teaches dieters how to eat all the foods they want – in small, frequent portions.

The second level teaches dieters how to boost their energy levels through simple activities.

The final level teaches dieters how to create more balance in their lives in order to keep the weight off and maintain a healthy diet.

The Jenny Craig weight loss program is calorie based. The menus that clients and their counselors develop are based on their weight, height, and goals.

There are actually two Jenny Craig programs. One is built around physical Jenny Craig centers. The other is the at-home Jenny Craig Direct home program that offers information by phone and mail.


What is perhaps most commendable about the Jenny Craig weigh loss program is the many levels of support it offers its clients, particularly the 24/7 telephone line, allowing clients to get information and support whenever they need it. Jenny Craig also offers support online where clients can join peer-support discussion groups. There are also a number of written materials for sale.

On top of that, advising Jenny Craig is actually a medical advisory board made up of certified professionals in medicine, nutrition and psychology.

Experts also praise the program for teaching portion control.


On the other hand, experts question the programs promotion of prepackaged foods, saying that once dieters get off the prepackaged meals, it is difficult to imitate or translate the portions of food to real eating because regular foods are not sold in portions as those offered by the program.

Naturally of course, this level of support does not come cheap.

Source: WebMD


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