Atkins Diet Pros and Cons

The Atkins Diet caused a bit of a buzz when it first came out because it allows for huge high-cholesterol food consumption. It is remains one of the most controversial and most popular diets of out time.


The Atkins diet, when followed properly, really does work. Aside from a number of people who lost weight because of it, there are also many researches supporting its effectiveness, both for weight loss and improved lipid profiles.

Though the program strictly limits carb intake, dieters can still enjoy some of their desserts thanks to availability of artificial sweeteners. And, since the diet’s goal is to rid you of your cravings for simple carbs, your sweet tooth will be gone as long as you stick to the plan.  Also people there could be no better diet for people who enjoy eating meats.


Since Atkins is one of the most popular diets around, product manufacturers worked to fill grocery store shelves with reduced carb products, giving dieters more food choices than they would normally have. Unfortunately, when presented with a wide range of choices, people tend to eat more. Thus, as with any diet, when too many calories are added, weight loss slows down, or stops entirely.

Another downside of the Atkinds diet is the stress it puts on the body, particularly during the first few days. The induction phase of the diet puts a lot of stress on the body. It induces the body to go into to ketosis – the body’s reaction when it thinks it is starving. Inducing the body to go into a state of ketosis is questionable because we cannot say whether the weight loss benefits can compensate for the possible done to the body. Dieters have to make sure they do not remain in a state of ketosis for very long.

People who are on the Atkinds diet report feeling a loss of energy. To get optimum results, you combine exercise with your diet. with Atkins, this can be difficult to do, particularly during the initial stages when the body is in a state of ketosis, and the individual is feeling exhausted. Ketosis also puts additional strain on the kidneys.

Atkins Diet is very low in fiber, especially during induction. Fiber is an important part of daily food intake. Fiber is known to lower an individual’s risk of several diseases, and improve digestive function. aside from fiber, dieters will also miss out on nutrients supplied by fruits and veggies, which could lead to vitamin deficiencies. Fortunately, more vegetables (and therefore more fiber) is introduced as the diet progresses.

Long term effects of Atkins on the heart and kidneys have not been extensively explored yet. Lastly, most Atkins dieters report about experiencing constipation, halitosis, and sometimes, dehydration.

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