MyNewForm: Diet Food Delivery Service

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Dieting can be a struggle to some, especially among those who are prone to get bored on a routine fad diet day after day. It is also a strain for those who are tired of counting calories over and over. Falling into relapse is the biggest obstacle in dieting, and most of the time the dieters lose this battle.

But dieting does not need to be that difficult. That is what MyNewForm provides. It is a diet meal delivery service that provides healthy meals and snacks right into your own home every week.

The gist

MyNewForm meal delivery program provides people who struggle with their weight a week’s worth of healthy, nutritious meals and snacks that only need minimal preparation. The meals come either fresh or frozen, depending on the ingredients, but all of them require refrigeration.

These meals are based on the USDA-recommended food pyramid guidelines, giving you an assurance that the dishes are served with the right portions, and with the right amount of food groups. The company also assures that the meals will be delivered wherever you are in the United States, as they use FedEX Overnight service in their delivery.

The meals provided cover your whole day. It has breakfast, lunch, dinner, and one or two snacks. You can also purchase a dinners-only meal plan, giving you seven dinners every week. Following the meal plan would get you to lose about one to two pounds every week.

You can select among the 1,000, 1,200, or 1,600-calorie meal plans. Vegetarians are suggested to utilize its 1,600-per-week program. MyNewForm meal program costs $16 to $20 per day plus shipping, depending on which calorie plan you select.

Advantages and disadvantages

Because the meals are almost prepared upon delivery, you become free from the cudgels of calorie counting and portion control. The meals are also designed to keep you from committing relapse.

The dishes are also convenient since they only require a microwave or conventional oven to cook the foods, and the weekly deliveries do not consume too much of your freezer space.

However, many people may find MyNewForm an expensive service. Also, you need to get used to its portions, which may be quite smaller than what you are used to eat, leaving you prone to temptations of second servings and eat-all-you-can buffets.

It is also sad to note that the program does not provide with members of week free consultations on how to prepare the meals yourself.

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