The Ultimate New York Body Plan

Ever wondered if your body can undergo an extreme makeover without the help of liposuction and slimming supplements? The Ultimate New York Body Plan provides just that: a two-week blitz program of dieting and exercising that produces fast results. The program was created by David Kirsch, a wellness enthusiast who also owns the Madison Square Club, a fitness venue that prides itself of several top celebrity clients such as Heidi Klum, Jamie King, and Liv Tyler.

Before doing the 14-day plan, your are provided with a pre-plan to prepare you for the full Ultimate New York program, since it focuses a lot on exercise. The fitness plan is customizable according to your fitness level, using the online Exercise Tool to journal your progress. Meanwhile, there are certain food restrictions such as avoiding alcohol, bread, and fruit, but the diet part of the program provides recipes on their website that do not starve you, nor force you to give up flavor.

However, the Ultimate New York Body Plan does have its share of small hindrances. For one, joining the online program costs $16 a month, although you can also get into the program by buying the book version. The program also promotes the use of costly protein shakes, but that can be avoided although the muscle you gain would become minimal.

The Ultimate New York Body Plan provides you with a well-rounded fitness and nutrition plan that requires dedication and hard work. Its roster of celebrity clients have proved the effectiveness of this program, which can be a good motivator to get you started.


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