The Pregnancy Diet

pregnancy dietA woman’s body undergoes a lot of changes during pregnancy. As part of those changes, should she also have to change the way she consumes food? Does she really have to "eat for two people"? And how are you supposed to lose all the "pregnancy weight" after giving birth? These questions are what Eileen Behan, a registered dietician and mother of two, hopes to answer through her book The Pregnancy Diet.

What is The Pregnancy Diet?

The Pregnancy Diet is not about taking a diet while pregnant, but rather a guide on eating healthily during the crucial nine months in order to stay on track with your weight. It features what a pregnant woman should and should not eat, such as staying away from sushi and stacking your supply of folic acid. The book also includes weekly weight goals for single and twin birth, as well as recipes, snack ideas, exercise programs, and nutritional guidelines for special cases like gestational diabetes, bed rests, et cetera.

Foods to avoid during pregnancy

This nutritional program intends to keep pregnant women on track with the weight gain and avoiding going overboard. It also serves to alleviate many of the fears women have about gaining weight during the nine months by explaining how the body needs to prepare before giving birth. For one, "eating for two" would give pregnant women a hard time shedding the extra weight off once the baby is born. Instead, The Pregnancy Diet focuses on proportioned and nutritionally-sound meals and snacks during all three trimesters of pregnancy.

Strength and flexibility

Just as important is maintaining a regular exercise routine for a healthy pregnancy, which the book provides through information on which exercises are safe to do during this phase and how much of it should a pregnant woman get.

Although The Pregnancy Diet provides an in-depth information in keeping a pregnant woman’s health in check, it offers very few new information. You can also found these in other pregnancy books. The recipe section is also quite inaccurate. But overall, this book can be a great help for every pregnant woman, guiding her through every month and trimester and even months after giving birth.


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