The Love-Powered Diet

Victoria Moran, author of the Love-Powered Diet, has a goal.

Her goal is to make peace with food and have a body that you are proud off utilizing the wisdom and grace that you keep inside, and to replace cravings with calmness, and turn food into a friend.

The Love-Powered Diet nourishes body, builds self-esteem and spirituality – areas ignored by other diets.

As is the the usual case with fad diets, we lose weight then gain it all back once we quit the diet.

With the Love-Powered Diet, Morgan combines the principles of the Twelve Step program and the gentle way of eating championed by yogis and mystics, and now, cutting-edge nutritional research.

The result is the Love-Powered Diet, and falling in love with yourself, and with your life.

"Diet can be an ugly word, and sentences like ‘I’m a fat slob and ought to go on a diet’ or ‘I was bad and blew my diet’ are no less than obscene," says Moran.

"I’m using the word differently here. The love-powered diet applies to a natural, gentle style of eating that uses the d-word in its general and non-threatening sense, as when you say, ‘I make sure that my children get a good diet.’

"What people eat is their diet. Depriving oneself in order to lose weight is dieting. What we’re talking about is a way of eating that uses love’s power instead of willpower to make change stick."

The Love-Powered Diet is perfect for the many Americans who are overweight despite having tried numerous diets.

Moran says you can achieve a healthy weight and find peace by "by turning inward and facing the real issues that are keeping you overweight," and by adding a proven, vegetables-heavy diet that is light on frustration and guilt.

"My breakthrough came when I decided my problem wasn’t about dieting — it was about life," Victoria says. "I prayed for help and suddenly everything became clear.

"I don’t want readers to worry about the religious aspect. This plan is not about any one specific church. It’s about the inner power you call on for help.

"It’s about getting ego out of the way and doing what’s right to become healthier mentally and physically."

Ready to lead a healthier and well-rounded lif? Then experience Victoria Moran’s Love-Powered diet. says, it may be the last weight-loss book you ever read.


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