The Five Factor Diet

Have you ever wanted a diet that was simple enough and allowed you to eat your favorite foods at the same time?

The five factor diet is one of the things that you probably want to consider. This diet is centered around the number "5" as it is aptly named for it.

The number signifies the number of meals that you should take each day and some other details that you need to know that is related to the diet.

The diet plan consists of five meals for each day, five ingredients at the most for each meal and you can essentially see the improvements and the results in as short as 5 weeks.

You’ll be able to focus on the essential food groups that you should be eating and you won’t have to say goodbye to the delicious foods that you’ve grown to love your whole life.

This particular diet plan is one that constitutes low-fat quality protein as well as low-to-moderate glycemic index carbs, healthy fat, sugar-free drink and finally to aid in digestion, fiber.

It also includes an exercise plan that has cardiovascular exercises for warm-up. This part of the exercise plan will want you to be at 65-85% of your maximum heart rate for 5 minutes.

The strength training section also has two different exercises which are described as supersets. The number of sets, reps and the rest are efficiently modified each week to have the body keep guessing what it will be doing for that particular day. This should be done for around 10 minutes only.

The core exercises that are included in this day are meant for various crunches as well as twists. The reps, sets as well as rest ranges are the ones which will be varied as weeks go on. This is only done for 5 minutes.

For the last five minutes of this 25-minute exercise routine, you will have to do some cardio exercises for five minutes for your cooldown. This is to minimize DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

One of the best things about this diet plan is that you get to have "cheat days" which are essentially days when you are allowed to eat absolutely anything that you want. The downside to it is that you’ll go back to your plan the day after.

So, if you’ve never had any success with typical diets that restrict your eating, try this one out and if in the process this works out for you, then you can say hello to a slimmer you.

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