The Belly Fat Cure

belly fat dietA recent study released in the November 2008 issue of New England Journal of Medicine established a link between waist circumference and your overall health status. Come to think of it, the conclusion makes sense. A smaller waist gives you more energy, makes you feel good about yourself, and lets you live a longer life.

However, many dieters have struggled with losing the excess bulge on their waist. It seems that no matter how much sit-ups they do, they cannot achieve that six-pack abs. A popular personal trainer has a theory why this is so.

The gist

Personal trainer Jorge Cruise has published several exercise books and diet programs with much success. His latest program called "The Belly Fat Cure" has generated a lot of buzz in the dieting community and will be released in 2010. And to give a little sneak peak, Cruise released a report, which you can receive through his official website, serving as a teaser to the program.

He has also presented his Belly Fat Cure program on Tyra Banks Show wherein he provided simple and sound dieting tips for obese teenagers.

According to Cruise, the secret of a healthy body is having a healthy waist with minimal belly fat. And to achieve a smaller waist, one of the advices is to plan your diet in such a way that it only has 15 grams of sugar everyday.

However, that does not mean you need to eliminate your favorite chocolate or other sweet treats. The program provides alternative products like yogurt, beverages, or ice cream that are readily available in your supermarket yet have little or no sugar content.

Advantages and disadvantages

Even if Cruise has released a part of The Belly Fat Cure, his advice about eliminating as much sugar in your diet make sense. According to him, sugar not only converts excess energy into fat, it also binds your digested food making it compact and stuck within your body, creating what he calls a "false belly fat" (or simple term, poop that you cannot get rid off). Minimizing your sugar intake would not only make your body consume all of your stored energy, but also eliminate most of your false belly fat.

However, there are so many things he has to reveal in his program, which will be available to the public in 2010. In the meantime, consult your doctor about whether minimizing your sugar intake would be risky for your health.


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