The 50 Million Pound Challenge

50 Million Pounds ChallegeWith an immense number of obese Americans, what if they all banded together and lose weight? How many pounds are they able to shed? How about 50 million pounds?

The gist

Originally aimed in bringing African-Americans together in losing weight (because they have a higher percentage of obesity compared to other races in the United States), the 50 Million Pound Challenge welcomes all Americans in collectively losing 50 million pounds in two years.

This interactive website, which is totally free of charge, lets you keep track of your physical activities as well as your food intake, not to mention check out the recommended exercises according to your fitness level. The program is headed by Dr. Ian Smith of Celebrity Fit Club fame. As of this writing, all members are able to lose over 3 million pounds and counting.

The 50 Million Pound Challenge website has immense information about dieting, healthy eating habits, and creating balanced meals. Dr. Smith also provides easy-to-follow tips on eating healthy, as it does not require drastic changes in one’s diet but rather creating smart replacements on the more unhealthy foods as well as a more sensible portion control.

The website states that an ideal diet should comprise of fruits, whole- or multi-grain breads, low-fat or skim dairy products, lean protein, vegetables (although staying away from the overly starchy types like white potatoes), and healthy beverages like water or herbal tea without the sweeteners. The 50 Million Pound Challenge also recommends to eat your breakfast and not to skip meals.

The program also contains information about the value of exercise, which can be anything from simple brisk walking to jumping rope. The challenge requires doing some cardio exercise at least 3 times a week at about half an hour each session. Meanwhile, strength training should be at least two days a week, in half hour sessions.

Advantages and disadvantages

The 50 Million Pound Challenge primarily espouses healthy diet and exercise, which can be achieved with the help of its website’s very useful tools and information. Although the program is targeted towards African-Americans, everybody is welcome to participate in their free diet program. However, do not forget to consult with a physician before starting any new weight loss programs.


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